Real & Targeted Spotify Promotion

Real & Targeted Spotify Promotion

Take part in real and active playlists. Get your songs heard by thousands of people. Grow your followers. Get featured in hot playlists and skyrocket your artist channel popularity!

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  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
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  • Youtube SEO Views (Super High Retention)
  • Youtube Super Fast Views
  • Youtube Views (Cheap & Promo)
  • Subscribers
  • Likes
  • Premium Plays
  • Playlist Followers
  • Playlist Plays
  • Podcast Plays
  • Free Plays
Choose a Package!
  • 1.000 Youtube Video Views w/ SAME TOPIC (SEO+)
  • 1.000 Youtube HOME PAGE Video Views (SEO+)
  • 1.000 Youtube Premium SEO Video Views
  • 1.000 Youtube Video Views w/ SAME TOPIC (SEO+)
  • 5.000 Youtube HOME PAGE Video Views (SEO+)
  • 10.000 Youtube HOME PAGE Video Views (SEO+)
  • 1.000 Youtube Video Views (SuperFast + HR + Likes)
  • 2.500 Youtube Video Views (SuperFast + HR + Likes)
  • 5.000 Youtube Video Views (SuperFast + HR + Likes)
  • 10.000 Youtube Video Views (SuperFast + HR + Likes)
  • 25.000 Youtube Video Views (SuperFast + HR + Likes)
  • 100.000 Youtube Video Views (SuperFast + HR + Likes)
  • 1.000 Views + Likes
  • 2.500 Youtube Views
  • 5.000 Youtube Views
  • 5000 Ads Views
  • 20.000 Youtube Views
  • 50.000 Youtube Views
  • 100 Youtube Subscribers
  • 250 Youtube Subscribers
  • 500 Youtube Subscribers
  • 1.000 Youtube Subscribers
  • 2.500 Youtube Subscribers
  • 5.000 Youtube Subscribers
  • 100 Youtube Likes
  • 250 Youtube Likes
  • 500 Youtube Likes
  • 1.000 Youtube Likes
  • 1.000 Spotify Premium Plays
  • 2.500 Spotify Premium Plays
  • 5.000 Spotify Premium Plays
  • 15.000 Spotify Premium Plays
  • 50.000 Spotify Premium Plays
  • 100.000 Spotify Premium Plays
  • 250.000 Spotify Premium Plays
  • 500.000 Spotify Premium Plays
  • 1.000.000 Spotify Premium Plays
  • 1.000 Playlist Followers
  • 2.500 Playlist Followers
  • 5.000 Playlist Followers
  • 15.000 Playlist Followers
  • 50.000 Playlist Followers
  • 3.000 Premium Playlist Plays
  • 10.000 Premium Playlist Plays
  • 20.000 Premium Playlist Plays
  • 50.000 Premium Playlist Plays
  • 1.000 Spotify Premium Podcast Plays
  • 5.000 Spotify Premium Podcast Plays
  • 15.000 Spotify Premium Podcast Plays
  • 50.000 Spotify Premium Podcast Plays
  • 100.000 Spotify Premium Podcast Plays
We Provider Spotify Plays
About us

We Provider Spotify Plays

we have been managing spotify campaigns since 2013. as the main provider of 3 continents and 15 countries, we offer services at very affordable prices.

With JustStreams, you can create your Spotify campaigns at the best price.

We can even get you a special panel membership if you want.

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Why Us?

If you don’t have fans, listeners and consumption on Spotify you are dead in the water. Start increasing your streams, followers and monthly listeners today with our Spotify Music Promotion. Get into spotify music playlists today!

Earn Royalties

We only run real campaigns to attract real people, so you continue to earn royalties for streams.

Results are Visible Already on the First Day!

We'll start your orders right away. You'll see the effects from day one.

Targeted Campaigns

Country and genre targeting. We'll get your music heard by the right people.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our services? We update the list constantly! Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Is It Safe To Buy Spotify Rest?

It's never a problem to listen to more on Spotify. We will provide you with an organic traffic flow from completely real people. You will see both royalty income and popularity increase. After watching every first 30-second of a song, one play gets enlisted on the song. This is the minimum time for getting a play on Spotify. Except for personal plays, all the other plays in this manner are listed from every source. This is why it is safe to buy Spotify plays as a person may have more and more plays from one person who likes the song. The main safety, however, is the safety of the Spotify marketing website. Viralyft is the safest when it comes to Spotify marketing. With a simple website design, there is security in every step of buying the plan. It is simple to buy the plans and then the creators can focus on their music only.

Why Do People Try To Buy More Spotify Plays?

Music creators want their music to reach every listener who likes a similar genre of music. So, they stay inclined to get such plans where they get listeners. Spotify plays are the first option since they are cheap and easy to order. People buy plans along with their content which reduces the extra effort to get more plays. They can focus more on their creativity and stress less about how their song is going to perform on Spotify. As they buy Spotify plays, the song gets on the top list which brings more people listening to trending songs. This means the total number of plays on the song is not from the packages on JustStreams. After the plays from the plan come, other people start noticing the song and they become the listener as well as a follower.

How Spotify Plays Work?

Spotify plays the most important metric that is a clear reflection of your hard work as well as the amount of acceptance you have received online. A single stream of the song will be specified only when the song has been listened to for as much as 30 seconds. Even after a listener repeats a song, it would not be counted as a stream unless the user listens to it again for 30 seconds. You should also remember that even offline plays are counted by Spotify which stores all its information within the database. As soon as you are connected to the service again, these plays will start reflecting on the account’s record. Therefore, if you want to be successful your first priority should be making sure that the listeners tune into your song for a minimum of 30 seconds. There are various strategies that can be employed to get people to hear your songs- as we have discussed below.

Will It Be Deleted Later?

No, there is no such risk. JustStreams only provides organic streaming.

How Long Does It Take For The Spotify Plays Reach The Account?

The Spotify plays come to account within days irrespective of the plan that the people choose for their account. As the song gets more plays, it goes up on the most-liked and most-searched list. More people start listening to the song even beyond the plan. This is because the song reaching the top list helps people notice the song. This is the level of engagement that Spotify creators want. As Spotify plays to reach the account within days, the engagement on the song starts improving in a month. All the likes reach within days, which will actually help the creator in the future, all their songs are expected to get similar results even without buying the plans.

Do You Have Customer Support?

We offer round-the-clock customer support specialists who are here to assist you with everything from pre-purchase questions all the way up to delivery status and account specific inquiries. Let us take the pressure out of going viral!

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